Simon G.’s New Campaign Is One for the Generations

Jewelry is special for a lot of reasons, and one of the biggest ones is its ability to be relatively ageless. It can transcend generations pretty seamlessly, offering flexibility so an array of different ages can wear it.

Take a diamond pendant, for example. Four generations of women could share custody of a single piece without having to make any drastic modifications whatsoever. Perhaps great grandma would wear it differently than her preteen kin, whether their styles varied by length of chain or what the pendant is grouped with, but the base jewel remains the same.

Simon G fall 2019 ad campaign

This transcendence can often get lost in marketing, where so often models who appear too young to be making any sort of major jewelry purchase are dripping with millions of dollars of diamonds—pleasant to the eye of the consumer, but not so realistic (which can be said a thousand times over for fashion ads and so on). Of course, this is a vast generalization, surely there are very young women who make multi-carat diamond purchases from time to time. But when you think of your average high-dollar customer, is that who you see?

Simon G fall 2019 ad campaign

I’m getting off topic, though. This isn’t just about six-figure jewelry purchases, it’s about jewelry of all styles and price points. Simon G., the well-known fine jeweler, offers a wide range of items—with a customer base to match. Its latest ad campaign is an effort to recognize that.

Simon G.’s generation-inspired ad, part of its “Committed” campaign, shows women of all ages, all positively glamorous and decked out in pieces from the jeweler’s collection, from stacking bands and bracelets to dangling earrings, ear climbers, pendants, and more.

Simon G fall 2019 ad campaign

My favorite image of the campaign (pictured at top) features the three models, appearing to vary in age, grouped together for what could easily be a (very genetically gifted) family photo shoot. On the right, two sisters share an embrace, while to their left, their mother proudly stands by. This is the kind of family that definitely shares jewelry, the sisters raiding their mom’s collection often, no longer living under the same roof but always returning to share their time (and their diamonds). You can make up whatever story you want about the image, but the outcome will be the same: They’re all connected by jewelry.

Simon G fall 2019 ad campaign

As nice as the ad is, I find that I also appreciate the jewelry being shown. That dangling pair of earrings worn by the eldest model is what calls my name loudest, and, dangling from the ears of that beautiful woman, I have concrete proof that the jewels will look beautiful for years to come, as I too, grow into a marvelously gorgeous woman of a certain age (okay, so the ads are a tad aspirational, but there’s nothing wrong with that).

Simon G.’s new campaign, which made a sneak-peek debut at JCK Las Vegas this year, ran in the August issue of Marie Claire and will continue its run this fall.

(All images via: Simon G.)

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