Showcasing Special Sizes

Caroline:  A smart jeweler has a range of sizes in his or her store to be ready for all sorts of customers. Having a department devoted to special sizes means everyone can try on the jewelry and hopefully wear it home!
Cynthia:  I can’t agree more that being able to provide everyone who walks in the store with instant gratification is a wonderful thing. But do you think a jewelers should segregate the larger sizes?

Caroline:  I have seen it done; I don’t think it’s common. Like the men’s department in a jewelry store. One showcase with “special” sizes.
Cynthia:  I know there’s a split of opinion in apparel merchandising, from the customer’s viewpoint, as to whether it’s better to segregate special sizes or whether to integrate them into the stock so that customers of different sizes can shop together. 
Caroline:  I can offer a third opinion….I’d like things arranged by color, but that’s really a tangential discussion. :)  In a jewelry store, I am not sure that really matters, as most of the stores are of a size where people can shop together whether they want to or not.
Cynthia:  I do think it takes a bit of finesse to shepherd a customer over to a special case of larger and longer pieces. 
Caroline:  Most jewelers would likely bring the right pieces directly to the customer, wherever she was sitting.
Cynthia:  That’s the perfect solution.
Caroline:  Yes, it works well and makes the customer feel pampered. And once the customer figures out that the pieces that fit her best are in a separate showcase, next time she’ll probably start there.
Cynthia:  I think that may occur if the retailer keeps some interesting items in stock in larger sizes. . . not just the “same old, same old” chains. 
Caroline:  Yes, that’s certainly true. And the same challenge applies to the rest of the store’s inventory.
Cynthia:  I think I prefer an integrated approach. Pulling appropriate length pieces from various cases might remind the sales associate of other pieces that can easily be lengthened with extenders or segments. I’d love to hear our readers’ comments on this issue.
Yes, I am sure they have some!
Cynthia:  One thing is clear to me… being knowledgeable about the potential existing in the inventory is essential!

Today’s Jewel
Don’t forget about the smaller market you have the chance to serve. Paying attention to this market segment will increase your sales. 

How do YOU deal with “special sizes” in your store. We’d love to hear!

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