Show Me Your Wrists: Bejeweled Snapshots From JCK Las Vegas 2016

Guess who these people are based on their perfectly adorned hands

I’ve never once used the #showmeyourrings hashtag (109,220 posts on Instagram and counting). But that’s because I prefer #showmeyourwrists—despite its meager 81 posts. I like the look of a well-adorned pair of hands in a larger context. And this past week at JCK Las Vegas was the perfect place to go wrist spotting.

I’ll be back next week with a recap of my top takeaways from the show. Until then, I’ll leave you with seven snaps of people I encountered on the show floor who impressed me with their jewelry style. The only catch is that their faces are obscured. Can you match the name (1–7) with the photo (A–G)? I’ll list the correct matches in a comment at the end of the day. Enjoy!

1. Designer Bella Campbell

2. Designer Erica Courtney

3. Rahaminov model Nadia Dassouki

4. Consultant Dallas Selsey

5. Consultant Ben Smithee

6. Instagrammer Liza Urla (aka @Gemologue)

7. JCK senior vice president Yancy Weinrich

Match the names above with the photos below (I’ve included a few hints!):

A. There’s a reason her only jewelry is a tiny heart-shape diamond set on a fishing line. (Check back next week for the whole story.)


B. Not shown: This dandy’s amazing pocket-square style.


C. Double-timing it is the only way this busy woman manages to survive jewelry week.


D. This former physicist loves her spinels (and mandarin garnets and tanzanites and tourmalines!).


E. That’s a 20.21 ct. radiant fancy yellow diamond ring on her right hand!


F. Prior to coming to Vegas, she was in Vietnam, mining sapphires.


G. I like to think of him as the man with a millennial plan.


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