Should Your Store Have Wi-Fi?

A new study suggests that in-store Wi-Fi improves retail sales and customer loyalty. 

Stores with Wi-Fi for employees reported a 3.4 increase in sales over those without, while stores with wi-fi for everyone, including customers, saw a 2 percent increase in sales, the study, conducted by the IHL Group, an independent research company, and sponsored by EarthLink Holdings Corp. and AirTight Networks, found.

In a more compelling statistic (or at least, less surprising) more than 27 percent of retailers with Wi-Fi reported increased customer loyalty due to in-store customer Wi-Fi.

Currently, 82 percent of large to medium-sized companies and 57 percent of smaller companies have in-store Wi-Fi, the study found. 

Does your store have Wi-Fi? Do you feel like it has influenced sales or customer loyalty? We’d love to hear in the comments!  

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