Shipwreck Discovered off Finland May Contain Gold Coins, Jewelry

A team of researchers has discovered the remains of a legendary 15th-century shipwreck off the coast of Finland.

Discovery News reports that the Hanneke Wrome left Luebeck, Germany, for Tallinn, Estonia, in 1468 but sank during a storm, killing more than 200 passengers and crew. Records indicate the ship carried 10,000 gold coins and gold jewelry onboard, which may be worth as much as $150 million today.

Shipwreck researcher Rauno Koivusaari led the team that found the wreck. He said the ship’s hull and an anchor appear to be preserved, but excavation, which will be done in cooperation with Finland’s National Board of Antiquities, has not started yet. 

Any recovered treasure will become the property of the Finnish government.

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