Seven Reasons to Use QR Codes in Your Promotions

Marketing jewelry has always been rather challenging, but now the need to keep up with technology and leverage technology to improve performance is becoming a reality in the jewelry industry. Take QR codes, for example. Quick response codes (QR codes) are decoded using a Smartphone with a QR reader. The technology can be used to track merchandise, but has many applications to marketing jewelry. Jewelers can now integrate QR code into a wide range of promotional formats including: print ads appearing in newspapers and magazines, billboards, collateral materials, in-store marketing, letterhead, and business cards. Even television ads are starting to include QR codes. Most QR codes redirect a consumer to a website. However, jewelers can develop QR codes that present a specific piece of jewelry on a specific Web page.

Currently, there are over 50 million Smartphone users and the odds are every jewelry store has customers who would benefit from marketing communications offered through QR codes. Keep in mind the use of QR codes is free. Jewelers can embed QR codes into marketing strategies and more effectively measure performance as compared to traditional marketing and internet marketing.  Add QR codes to traditional advertising like newspaper advertisements and offer a gateway to more information about the company, brands and jewelry offered to prospective customers. A younger generation has already adapted to getting on the Web through mobile phones. The fastest growing segment of new mobile phone application users is now older consumers.  Studies show a 10 percent growth rate in data traffic per month. This marketing tool is quickly being adapted by suppliers and consumers…stay competitive by adopting this new marketing tool.

Window displays are very important to retail jewelry stores and do build store foot traffic. A recent study by the Platinum Guild International-USA reported that more than 50 percent of all pre-engagement couples were influenced to enter the store based on their preference of jewelry displayed in window displays. Last year New York jeweler Michael C. Fina partnered with A. JAFFE, PGI-USA, and Tappinn, to bring the jewelry industry’s first store window displays with embedded QR codes. The idea was to bring more excitement to the window display by allowing couples to download larger visual images of 27 different bridal rings to make the couple be even more motivated to enter the store. But it did not stop there! Shoppers could click on a like button and the jewelry piece would be displayed on their Facebook page and shared with their friends on through their profile. This sort of flexibility had previously been unheard of in jewelry marketing.

Use QR codes to enhance print and digital marketing communications. It can be used to redirect the prospective customer to website pages with more specific information. Jewelry chains like Gordon’s and Zales are integrating QR codes on print materials. QR codes can enhance viral marketing because prospective customers can post visuals of their proposed jewelry purchases on their Facebook accounts and gain feedback from their family and friends. Getting reference groups involved helps consumers find the confidence to make higher dollar jewelry purchases.

Seven reasons your jewelry store needs to begin using QR code:

1.  With more than 50 million current Smartphone users in the United States the audience is too large to ignore. These users are developing shopping habits that includes their cell phones. The demographics of these users confirm they are desirable jewelry customers.

2.  There are unlimited applications. Unlike traditional print there are no limitations regarding the number of words or size of advertisement. Offer more detailed information about each piece of jewelry.

3.  Don’t ignore the trend of customers using the cell phone to enter the internet. More users now rely on mobile connectivity and jewelry stores need to be communicating with customers through mobile marketing. As shopping habits change, retail jewelers need to change too.

4.  Another example of reduced cost through digital marketing. QR codes are free and easy to integrate into jewelry promotional materials. Every store that can afford a website can afford QR coding.

5.  QR codes are a very effective way to measure the effectiveness of marketing communication messages. Managing return on marketing investment has been challenging for many retail jewelry stores. Using QR coding will make it easier to track respondents to specific marketing campaigns/messages.

6.  Create more buzz for your jewelry. Use QR codes so prospective customers can post your jewelry on their Facebook account or other social media accounts. Get more people exposed to your products and talking about your products.

7.  Using a new media resource has a cool factor to it. Appeal to more tech-savvy consumers and use QR codes as an image builder.

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