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Serena Williams Jewelry Makes Shoelace Tags A Must-Have Accessory


First of all, if you watch tennis, you watch Serena Williams. Second of all, if you watch Serena Williams, you know to look for all of the details from her head to her toes—especially when it comes to her jewelry selection.

Serena Williams Jewelry debuted two new diamond deubrés shoelace tags during her latest—and, perhaps, last—appearance at the U.S. Open. It makes sense that people studied every aspect of her outfit on her final day of play, and Williams gave them what they wanted with deubrés that read “Mama” and “Queen.”

The overall effect was electric, just like Williams’ time on the court, says Pricilla Salam, senior brand manager for Serena Williams Jewelry.

Serena Williams deubrés
As the queen of the court, Serena Williams wore her custom 10k solid yellow gold, 1.5 cts. t.w. diamond deubrés during the 2022 U.S. Open spelling out what she is: Queen and Mama ($3,590 for the pair). 

“Serena has had many iconic looks throughout her career, and we knew this year’s U.S. Open would be no different,” Salam says. “When we got the opportunity to design a piece for her outfit, we knew it needed to really shine but in a fun and unexpected way that embodies Serena. That’s how we landed on diamond deubrés as opposed to a more traditional piece of jewelry.”

According to sneaker experts, a deubré is a decorative lace tag that started at Nike in the mid-1990s. Since then, sneaker brands of all kinds have adapted the tag onto their shoes, making it a customizable part of a fashion-forward shoe. Other brands have added gold and diamonds, but Williams stepped it up with her signature style and statements, as jewelry has become a major part of her overall brand story.

The Serena Williams Jewelry deubrés are available on her website and retail for $3,590 for the pair. They are made in 10k solid yellow gold and black ceramic enamel and feature a 1.5 carat diamond broken down into approximately 200 pieces on each deubré.

Fans may recognize themes in the jewelry Williams wears and shares through her brand, and that’s because much of it is sentimental or sends a message, Salam says. She says savvy viewers might recall the Queen necklace Williams sported at the 2021 Australian Open or the Mama studs she frequently sports on social media posts.

Serena Williams Jewelry
Serena Williams uses a variety of words and symbols that are meaningful to her in her fine jewelry line, says Pricilla Salam, senior brand manager for Serena Williams Jewelry, and she expects the tennis pro to continue that trend in future collections.

“The Serena Williams Jewelry collection at its core has always been about self-expression, and the deubrés are an extension of that. They feature two of her favorite statement words from the collection: Queen and Mama,” Salam says.

As for what’s next for Williams, Salam says there are new collections coming soon. “We’re excited to offer even more options for self-expression,” she says.

But what’s next for Williams, who has indicated that she is considering retirement from tennis, having more children, or going even deeper into her love of fashion? Salam is a bit more coy on that answer, but that’s completely understandable.

“As Serena says, it’s an evolution,” Salam says. “The one thing we know for certain is that whatever Serena does, it will keep all of us on our toes.”

Top: Tennis GOAT (Greatest of All Time) Serena Williams recently added diamond and gold deubrés to her jewelry collection, proving once again that she knows how to accessorize an outfit with style and high fashion (photos courtesy of Serena Williams Jewelry). 

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