It’s September: The Steadfast Sapphires to Celebrate

Well hello there, September! If you look back through my yearly sapphire-related posts (always this same time of year), I fear that you’ll find me to be a broken record. The phrase “What is there to say about sapphire that hasn’t already been said?” is surely present at least a couple of times (and make this article count for one more).

Omi Prive sapphire ring
Ring in platinum with 11.75 ct. oval sapphire, 1.73 cts. t.w. round sapphires, and 0.62 ct. t.w. diamonds, price on request; Omi Privé
Penny Preville sapphire bangle
Ombré bangle bracelet in white gold with 1.95 cts. t.w. sapphires, $5,995; Penny Preville

So, year after year, I strive to think of something new to add to the narrative of this beloved stone. This superhero of the jewelry world, star of treasured family heirlooms and engagement rings, and birthstone pendants and everyday stud earrings. Apart from diamond, I dare say that no stone comes close to ranking as high on the popularity scale as sapphire, and that is a status it deserves.

K.Mita sapphire ring
Ring in 18k yellow gold and palladium white gold with 1.17 ct. sapphire and 0.04 ct. diamond, $3,370; K.Mita
Eriness blue sapphire Disco Ball wire earrings
Disco Ball wire earrings in 14k yellow gold with 2.3 cts. t.w. blue sapphires, $1,825; Eriness
Alex Sepkus sapphire Circle ring
Circle ring in 18 yellow gold with blue sapphire and diamonds, $5,010 (center stone not included); Alex Šepkus
Hatai Jewelry sapphire bangles
Bangle in 22k gold-plated sterling silver with blue sapphire cabochons, price on request; Hatai Jewelry

So why, then, do I feel I have been ignoring it recently? It is a testament to how finicky and spoiled this jewelry fan can be, scrolling through Instagram feeds and designer’s websites, wanting to score that love at first sight feeling, that one that makes you say “Oh, wow” out loud.

Coast Diamond sapphire ring
Ring in platinum with 8.18 ct. sapphire and 1 ct. t.w. diamonds, $116,790; Coast Diamond

Often, I seek the sensation I’m looking for with a visit to Cheryl Kremkow’s Instagram feed (@kremkow). There, the Gem Obsessed (the name of Kremkow’s website) cultivate some of the most spectacular findings from jewelry shows and events, through her beyond excellent photography. The rich pictures depict creations with opals (always a crowd-pleaser), tourmaline of all sorts, emeralds, and moonstones, to name some of the common findings.

Kavant Sharart sapphire and diamond earrings
Earrings in 18k white gold with 10.32 cts. t.w. sapphires and 2 cts. t.w. diamonds, $20,900; Kavant & Sharart
Joshua J sapphire ring
Ring in platinum with 10.06 ct. cushion-cut sapphire, 2.5 cts. t.w. round diamonds, and 2.99 cts. t.w. trapezoid diamonds, price on request; Joshua  J.
Annie James sapphire pendant
Pendant in 14k white gold with 5 mm sapphire and 0.03 ct. diamond, $2,200; Annie James

Sapphire is present, though, if not as often as one might expect, and displays its ability to shine as both an accent stone and a centerpiece, in its vivid array of colors.

925Suneera evil eye cuff bracelet
Evil eye cuff bracelet in sterling silver with sapphire, $805; 925Suneera

I think we all love sapphire, and it’s like a comfortable relationship that sometimes needs a little spark to get the engines revving again. Sapphire is so reliably wonderful, it’s easy to take it for granted.

Andreoli sapphire and diamond ring
Ring in 18k white gold with 31.02 ct. no-heat Ceylon sapphire and 2.8 cts. t.w. rose-cut diamonds, price on request; Andreoli
Alina Abegg Alien huggie earrings
Alien huggies in 14k white gold with blue sapphires, €1,930 ($2,126); Alina Abegg
Kattan sapphire ring
Ring in 18k white gold with 4.07 cts. t.w. sapphires and diamonds, price on request; Kattan

It shouldn’t take an insanely incredible example of sapphire to serve as a reminder of what makes this precious stone so phenomenal—but it doesn’t hurt. So here’s a good mix: mega-gemstone sapphire jewels and some of the loveliest pieces peppered with September’s birthstone.

Michelle Oh sapphire ring
Ring in 18k yellow gold with 0.9 ct. sapphire, $2,420; Michelle Oh
IO Collective sapphire Kennedy ring
Kennedy ring in 18k yellow gold with 1.1 ct. Australian sapphire and 0.12 ct. t.w. diamonds, $3,410; IO Collective
Kaali Designs Maya sapphire band
Maya wedding band in 14k yellow gold with sapphires, $2,235; Kaali Designs

Top: Ring in platinum with 6.97 ct. sapphire and 1.56 cts. t.w. diamonds, price on request; Color Source Gems

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