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10 Ways to Manifest Self-Care With Your Jewelry in 2024


Moss agate for peace and calm. Volcanic silica for protection. Malachite to promote balance and sure footing.

I never envisioned myself as the type of person who purchases worry stones as holiday gifts, but with all the chaos in the world at present, these were my choices for some key family members.

Jewelry fans can adapt the concept behind worry stones to some form of adornment—why settle for a palm-size piece of lapis when you could be wearing the stone around your neck?

To decide on the type of jewel that makes sense for your self-care in 2024, think about specific goals: Do you want this to be the year you put yourself first, set important boundaries, say no instead of yes, or get motivated to finally pursue the fresh start that never seems convenient or even possible?

My self-care is already off to a great start: seeing a production of Dreamgirls at Goodspeed Opera House, near my home in Connecticut, that was so riveting I had to go back to see it again within the week. The vibrant energy of the show, with its glamorous costumes, top-shelf talent, and transcendent harmonies, lavished me with endorphins and brightened my mood the way the best musicals do. Of course, a theater experience is ephemeral; you can’t keep the afterglow with you for long.

Jewelry, on the other hand, is a tangible object. It is always there to accompany you on your journey, whether the destination is learning to allow space for the things that bring you joy, having the courage to expel toxic people from your everyday, or leaving the past behind to embark on a second act (yes that’s a humble hat tip to the Dreamgirls showstopper “I Am Changing”).

As you can see below, there are many, many types of jewels to help you get there in the year ahead. Truthfully? I’ll take one of each, please. The sooner the better.

At the top of the page are possibly the most deluxe versions of a timeless and reliable protective talisman—the evil eye. These Anita Ko bracelets in 18k gold with 3.16 cts. t.w. diamonds have either an emerald ($17,025) or blue sapphire ($16,600) as the evil eye’s pupil.

Next up: the Eye of Horus, an ancient Egyptian symbol representing protection, health, and restoration rendered in shimmering inlaid stones. New dawn, new day, new jewel for turning over a new leaf…

Jacquie Aiche pendant
Eye Burst inlay necklace in 14k gold with white opal, orange opal, mother-of-pearl, turquoise, and diamonds, $7,000; Jacquie Aiche

If your idea of self-care involves a going on a health kick, know that lapis is said to boost immunity; meanwhile, mushrooms are symbolic of spiritual growth, enlightenment and rebirth.

Mckenzie Liautaud Moonlight Mushroom Necklace
Moonlight Mushroom necklace with lapis and diamond on a 14k gold chain, $1,095; McKenzie Liautaud

The centerpiece of this necklace bears an explicit—and so artfully, beautifully presented—message that it seems like the perfect talisman for anything life throws at you this year and beyond: “I will protect you forever.”

Marie Lichtenberg necklace
Eye Will yellow locket in 14k black rhodium, yellow gold and enamel with diamond, sapphires, spessartite, and tsavorite, $3,940; Marie Lichtenberg

To practice self-care, one often must exhort, “Be good to myself.” Learning how to do this (or, you know, just giving yourself a break for not meeting others’ expectations) can take some time. This pendant might make it easier: Its depiction of a snake ascending a lily is a symbol of the ability to manifest inner healing.

Pyrrha heal from within
Heal From Within necklace in sterling silver, $215; Pyrrha

Wearing a magnificent pair of earrings like these is bound to have an uplifting effect. Even better? The gems in them have baked-in healing powers: Emerald opens the heart chakra to calm emotions and bring you balance, wisdom, and patience, while malachite is thought to be a stone of transformation, one that also rids your body of negative energy.

Guita-M malachite earrings
Earrings in 18k yellow gold with Colombian emerald and malachite, $8,800; Guita M

You know what? Self-care is about acknowledging that you deserve happiness and good fortune. Go out and get it with what might be the world’s most recognizable symbol of both.

Gig Ferranti
Gigi’s Favorite Clover Charm in 14k gold and diamonds, $2,450; Gigi Ferranti

It’s easy to harness the power of positivity when you look down at your wrist and see words of affirmation expressed in diamonds and joyful bright enamel.

Savolinna bracelets
Savolinna Love, Luck, and Happy bangles in 18k gold and enamel with diamonds. $5,912 each

Rose quartz is said to open the heart and might be the ultimate choice for those who seek self-love, self-soothing, and relationship healing.

Erin Fader Jewelry
The Phoenix necklace in 14k gold fill with rose quartz, $195; Erin Fader Jewelry

The diamonds on this ring represent fairy dust. Twinkling on your finger, they can serve as a reminder that you can make your own magic if that’s what it takes to create a safer, happier space for yourself. Sometimes, in order to believe in fairies, we need to clap our own hands.

Fairy Dust bypass ring in 18k gold with diamonds, $7,800; Elizabeth Moore

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Amy Elliott

By: Amy Elliott

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