Second Wives Get Pricier Engagement Rings, Survey Finds

Sometimes it pays to be number two.

Members of the second wives club get significantly more expensive engagement rings, according to a survey of British consumers conducted by

The survey found that the average cost of an engagement ring purchased for a first marriage was £821 ($1,395), but the figure jumped to £2,050 ($3,294) for the second.

When asked why they spent more, 48 percent of second-marriage respondents reportedly said they had more faith in the new relationship, 38 percent said it was because they were wealthier, and 17 percent said their new wives had expensive tastes.

The survey found that second husbands spent less time looking for the ring, with 49 percent letting the wife pick it out herself. Just 30 percent did this for the first marriage.

The luckiest of all, though: Third wives. The survey found husbands spent an impressive £3,003, or $4,825, on their rings.

Perhaps the most uncomfortable finding: Eight percent of second husbands “re-gifted” the engagement ring from their first marriage to their second wife.

According to, 1,512 men took part in the survey, all of whom had been married more than once.

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