Sears to Close Another 63 Stores

Sears Holdings Corp. is undergoing yet another round of store closings, announcing plans to shut another 63 stores under its Kmart and Sears banners.

The stores—45 Kmarts and 18 Sears—will begin liquidation sales beginning Nov. 9, but stay open through the holiday season. They are due to close in January 2018.

A full list can be seen here.

The news follows a devastating Wall Street Journal piece, which suggested that vendors were beginning to lose faith in the company. Sears responded in a blog post that they “continue to have strong relationships with over 50,000 vendors and suppliers.”

Sears, once America’s dominant retailer, has announced plans to close hundreds of its stores in the last few years, including around 300 this year and another 150 last year.

“Sears Holdings continues its strategic assessment of the productivity of our Kmart and Sears store base and will continue to right size our store footprint,” the company said.

(Image courtesy of Sears)

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  1. Thanks Rob, In addition to above all Sears Canada stores will be closing this year.

    All Sears Canada stores are already in liquidation mode. If you read the last Speech by management before closures you can tell the Sears management was busy playing golf and had no clue how to revive it at all. a first year business student could tell they & their big talks will fail. lol.

    failed Canadian Sears management will soon be available after store closures with big talk huge resume to fail another company. I am sure big fine Jewelry corporate`s will be happy to accommodate them soon.

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