Scott Murphy Named Jewelers Mutual President and CEO

Scott Murphy will replace Darwin Copeman as the president and CEO of Jewelers Mutual Insurance Co. in January. 

Copeman has been president of Jewelers Mutual since 2009 and recently announced that he will retire next year. 

Murphy was previously an executive partner and principal at Triad Analytic Solutions, the insurance industry consultantcy. He has also held executive positions with GMAC Insurance, Infinity Insurance, and Windsor Insurance Group.

“Jewelers Mutual’s board of directors is unique in that it includes representation from both the jewelry industry and the insurance industry, making it a strong leadership team for a company so deeply connected throughout the industry it serves,” said chairman of the board Mark Fiebrink. “We expect that Scott Murphy is going to be a terrific asset to the company, leading Jewelers Mutual into its next century of success.”