Scott Kay Line Premiering on QVC Super Bowl Sunday With Designer’s Daughter

Tiffany Kay will take the place of her late father, Scott, when his line premieres on QVC on Feb. 1, Super Bowl Sunday. 

The famed designer was originally supposed to appear on the network to introduce his made-for-QVC sterling silver Guardian line. In the wake of his sudden death on on Dec. 4, his daughter Tiffany, who worked on the collection, will appear in his stead.

Tiffany Kay admits that she may “get emotional” when she talks about her father and his often-personal creations.

“I want to celebrate the messages and the deep-rooted faith that my father believed in,” she says. “I am there to tell the story that my father wanted to tell. It is an honor to be able to relay those messages. It was all genuine. I may start sobbing on national TV.”

Super Bowl Sunday is a “huge day” for QVC, she adds, and the scheduling shows the potential the network sees in joining together with her father’s brand.  

“All the men are out there watching football,” she says. “So I guess a lot of ladies are upstairs watching QVC.”

Kay will appear on the network twice on Feb. 1, at 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Eastern time.

The sterling silver Guardian line will use the same inspiration as the Kay platinum line of the same name, but with different designs. 

“This will tremendously increase brand awareness,” Kay says. “It is all about getting the message out. I am living his legacy.  It’s Scott Kay, the name. It will never be Tiffany Kay.”

QVC and Kay plan to do another show in April. 

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