Scott Kay Appoints Ex-David Yurman Vet as CEO

David Minster, the former chief operating officer of David Yurman, will become CEO of well-known jewelry company Scott Kay.

Minster tells JCK that company owner Scott Kay will become chairman and plans to focus on branding and designing as well as personal pursuits such as teaching and writing.

“He needs to be able to concentrate on product development,” Minster says. “He has a tremendous amount of work that he has not brought to market. He has done some fantastic things on different metals and things that might go well beyond jewelry.”

Minster, 51, says he hopes to improve the company’s infrastructure and omni-channel presence.

“I was able to be at Yurman in a very similar situation, in terms of size, scope, and infrastructure challenges,” he says. “It’s exciting for me to ramp up the infrastructure, to really grow the business.”

Minster says the Scott Kay company plans to grow its e-commerce channel and open up retail stores.

Before his 12 years at David Yurman, Minster spent 14 years at global consumer goods giant Unilever.

JCK News Director