Say Yes to Flowers for Spring With These 16 Happiness-Inducing Jewels

Lord Jewelry Floral collection enamel flower brooch

Lord Jewelry

“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” While that line, famously uttered by Meryl Streep’s Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada certainly has its merits, I’m here to make the case that, yes, of course florals are necessary for spring. Okay, so they’re predictable, and while I’m totally for going against the grain and doing something outside the box—a bit wacky, even—let’s be real: There is no spring without flowers. When the weather starts to warm (and even when it doesn’t), and we yearn for the days when sunshine will finally kiss our skin, flowers are a welcome sight. They are a sign that yes, even though the outlook is dire at the moment, there is hope. We embody this notion in the clothes that we wear, the items we choose to accessorize with. Don’t underestimate how good the sight of flowers can make someone feel. And with that, why not wear something floral every day? These jewels are wonderful for anticipating spring, but they’ll get just as much use running through summer and fall, and, for the eternal optimist, act as a constant reminder during the winter months that the cold doesn’t last forever.

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Zeghani citrine and amethyst flower pendant




Jane Taylor Jewelry square flower pendant

Jane Taylor Jewelry



Denise James Flower collection pendants

Denise James Jewelry



Rhonda Faber Green Juliet botanical dog tag pendant

Rhonda Faber Green


Breuning Silver Design pink tourmaline flower pendant




Le Sibille Bocciolo flower necklace

Le Sibille



Rebecca Hook amazonite dogwood bracelet

Rebecca Hook Jewelry




Andrew Hamilton Crawford Floral Affair bracelet

Andrew Hamilton Crawford



Picchiotti diamond floating flower ring





Yoko London Radiant Orchid pearl flower ring

Yoko London



Gemco Designs floral pink tourmaline multi-finger ring

Gemco Designs



Parade Design Parade in Color rubellite Garden ring

Parade Design



BAGUÉS-MASRIERA amethyst Lilies ring




Misis Naturalia crystal flower earrings




Charming Silver pave CZ flower earrings

Charming Silver


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