Saturday Night Live Parodies Pandora

Saturday Night Live has left Pandora a snarky lump of coal in its stocking.

On its Dec. 16 episode, the late-night comedy show gave the company’s commercials a not-so-loving spoof, suggesting its signature charms may not be a particularly charming Christmas gift.

The fake ad features women expressing poorly concealed misgivings about receiving Pandora charms from their husbands

“Oh, it’s one of these,” says one of the women, played by Kate McKinnon, before reluctantly proclaiming, “I love it.”

“At Pandora charms, we take one little fact about your wife and turn it into jewelry,” says the announcer.

He goes on: “Pandora charms say the things you want to tell her the most. Like: I know what job you have, and that job is nurse. Or: You like drinking. Or: This is a dog.”

“And once you’ve bought a Pandora bracelet,” the announcer continues, “you can get her one of these $60 whatevers for every birthday, Mother’s Day, and anniversary, for the rest of her natural life.”

Pandora’s spokesperson directed JCK to its response on Twitter.

“Hand-finished charms are what we do,” wrote the company. “Here’s a little something to show how much you mean to us.”

It displayed a charm reading, “S-N-L.”

Saturday Night Live may not be up-to-date with Pandora’s most recent ads, which now spotlight women gifting the charms to other women.

JCK News Director

  • Jim Adair

    Pandora got slammed to the exact group they market to. I guess they got tired of picking on President Trump

    • Lapidary Artist

      Never. Trump is an goldmine of parody.

  • Shirley Dickter

    Actually the parody didn’t make sense, it wasn’t cute or funny…just took up some of SNL primetime.

  • Missing_Aria

    I’m not one for Pandora jewelry myself (I think it’s a cute concept but it’s just not my thing) but I admire the way they responded with class. Very nice.

  • JC

    Hilarious rip (reminiscent of the good old days of SNL) of a company that “reinvented” the old charm bracelet, built its brand on the backs of years of hard work and promotion by retail “partners”, then absconded with the cash and left those partners holding the empty bag. Hope this skewer helps speed along the old-news irrelevancy that already is withering them on the vine with other deserving black eyes on the jewelry biz like Kay/Zale/Jared.