Salon Privé Aligns with About J

Nancy RobeySalon Privé Haute Joaillerie Dubai, to be held Oct. 18-21 the Madinat Jumeirah, has formed a strategic alliance with About J Milan.
“Our respective goals are extremely compatible. The About J Milan strategic alliance with the Italian National Fashion Council is complementary with our About J strategic alliance with Salon Privé Dubai, which aims to deliver unique experiences that are not traditional but are business building tools for our community,” said Domenico Girardi, general manager of The Vicenza Fair, which owns and operates About J Milan.
“The three-day Salon Privé Dubai Event will address two segmented audiences: two days business-to-business followed by two days for “VIP Affluents” (the middle day will be for both business to business & business to VIP segments) including a conference program being planned in association with The Luxury Marketing Council Middle East,” added Nancy Robey, president and founder of Salon Privé Dubai.

Salon Privé is a joint venture between two veteran luxury marketing organizations, the Nancy Robey Partnership, Inc., headquartered in New York, and Turret Middle East, based in Abu Dhabi and a foundation partner of the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Company.

The by-invitation-only Salon Privé show is intended to deliver new business in nontraditional markets of emerging opportunity, including India, China, Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe, South East Asia, and the Middle East, according to a joint statement.
“About J will be a corner stone of the Salon Privé Event and will facilitate the grouping of the About J designer community in a  meaningful way in the center of the jewelry collections,” according to the statement.

The total number of exhibitors at Salon Privé Dubai will be limited to 80-90 designers as well as select high-end jewelry sponsors, including other global luxury brands, publications, and service organizations.

Approximately 130 international luxury retail companies, comprised of store owners, CEOs, and other senior decision makers, will be invited and hosted by Salon Privé at the Madinat Jumeirah, located on the sea in Jumeirah, a fashionable residential area of Dubai.

“Dubai was selected as the venue because it is at the crossroads of a growing Asian /Eastern European market and provides easy access to jewelers looking to expand their businesses.” said to Richard Hease, Chairman of Turret Middle East. “The World Wealth Report 2008, produced by Capgemini and Merrill Lynch, showed a 15.6% increase in the number of high net worth individuals in the Middle East, and they direct 32% of their ‘investments of passion’ – which reportedly the rich buy to display their wealth – into jewelry purchases. This is the highest percentage of all regions of the world with their target markets, Russia, Eastern Europe and Asia, next in ranking,” said Mr Hease. “In addition Dubai is a tax free, duty free zone, which does not require carnets, so doing jewellery business there is much easier.”
A group of high net worth VIP’s and royalty who reside in the Emirates and Gulf region will be invited into the Salon Privé on the last two days, Oct. 20-21, as is customary for shows in the region, in conjunction with The Luxury Marketing Council Middle East.
Robey said that “both Salon Privé and About J have parallel strategic objectives of a like kind to provide elite positioning and audiences from nontraditional emerging markets in a full emersion luxury setting.”