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Aspiring jewelry salespeople benefit from sales presentations that build consumer confidence. This is an approach to selling that every salesperson should know.  Really effective sales people know how to create sales content from the ground up for every piece of jewelry they present to shoppers. Sales managers need to provide ongoing and comprehensive training for new starters and seasoned professionals to ensure that they continue to develop useable sales skills. Cast your mind back to the beginning of your sales career and then imagine just how much sense it makes to teach sales representatives how to create their own presentation content for specific jewelry piece presentations.
Here is a little exercise to help sales representatives learn to understand and develop basic sales fundamentals. This is where good sales practice starts and will form a solid base on which to build onto in later months and years. Jewelry sales representatives need to develop a strong vocabulary of product features for each product category and individual product they present and sell. Too often sales representatives fall into one of two approaches. They either present the product and let the product’s own beauty speak for the product or they turn into gemologists and offer information that is too technical for many jewelry shoppers. There is a middle road that is much more consumer oriented. This is the approach of highly effective jewelry sales representatives.
Knowing how to present a piece of jewelry by focusing on the products features in order to build customer confidence is critically important for sales representatives. Customer confidence is a result of a shopper gaining the information necessary to want to make a purchase decision. Too many jewelry shoppers feel they don’t have the necessary information to make an informed jewelry purchase. This causes many interested jewelry shoppers to leave the store without making a purchase and proclaiming their intension to “be back.” Too many jewelry shoppers lack the confidence to make the purchase. Shoppers want to make purchase decisions for the right reasons and to feel they are making well informed purchase decisions. Knowing how to present the right product features for the right reasons is a very effective approach to selling jewelry.
Here is a training example to expand the critical thinking skills of sales associates and help them become better prepared to present and explain jewelry products to shoppers. Have your sales representatives visit Street Directory’s website where they will find an article called How to Buy a Refrigerator with Confidence. Ask the reps to use the article as a basis for developing their own list of product features for a specific piece of jewelry. Each sales representative should be able to come up a number of product features and value added services offered by the company that will build the confidence of shoppers considering that piece of jewelry. 

Ongoing sales training is very important because effective sales training is a form of motivation. Helping sales associates develop sales presentations that focus on specific product features and added value services offered by the company is a great way to improve basic selling skills and support new levels of sales competence. Knowing how to turn jewelry shoppers into confident jewelry buyers is critical for successful jewelry sales associates.

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