Russell Simmons Really Speaks His Mind

I have to say I was very amused by this quote from Russell Simmons:



What led you to enter the jewelry industry in the first place?

The thing about fashion is we always reinvent what we do every season, but in jewelry, they’re so old and corny, they don’t know what to do with themselves. Everybody else is so stale. Not that I wanna knock the whole industry but there’s not a person of color in the entire diamond or jewelry industry. They’re thrilled to have me it’s just that I’m alone… There’s nothing cool in the diamond industry so even my old ass is way better than everybody else that I’ve met at least. It’s allowing me to do stuff where I just feel there’s a hole in the market. So I’m doing it because I think people need it.


I guess it all depends on your definition of “non-white.” But, however expressed, the point of adding more diversity to the industry is a fair one.

JCK News Director