Royal Asscher Unveils Man-Made Diamond Design Contest

In order to get more—and youngerconsumers to take a shine to diamonds, sixth-generation diamantaire Royal Asscher Diamond Co. devised a plan: unveiling a line of laboratory-grown—and more affordable—diamonds called Rebel Chique.

With that goal accomplished, its next step is implementing a global competition that challenges designers to craft styles for a new generation of clients “ready for a fresh, new take on diamond jewelry,” Royal Asscher said in a statement ron the contest. The contest, which opened July 1, asks jewelry designers to get in touch with their inner rebel by creating styles set with Rebel Chique man-made diamonds.

“We are so excited by this new diamond category, because it gives the opportunity for a broad audience to enjoy fancy colored diamonds in a fashionable and affordable way,” Mike Asscher, vice president of Royal Asscher and CEO of its Rebel Chique subsidiary, told the press.

Designers from every facet of industry—professional, freelance, retailer, student, and hobbyists—are welcome to enter up to five renderings in any of six categories: rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, menswear, and “rebelwear,” which Royal Asscher calls “something beyond the scope of tradition and not fitting into any other category, just fitting the spirit of Rebel Chique in your mind.”

Criteria for judging will include design innovation, how well the piece exemplifies the rebel spirit, a successful use of Rebel Chique diamonds, manufacturability, wearability, and saleability. Winners receive a $500 cash prize, a crystal trophy, international publicity, and the chance for their design to be featured in the Rebel Chique Collection sold online. Makers of designs put into production also will receive cash bonuses.

There is no entry fee, and the deadline is Sept. 15. Further details about entry criteria and applications are available online.