Rory More O’Ferrall Joins Diamond Development Initiative

The Diamond Development Initiative has announced that Rory More O’Ferrall has joined the group as honorary vice chairman.

More O’Ferrall previously served as the De Beers Group’s director of external affairs until his retirement in 2007.

During his 36 years with De Beers, he contributed to important changes in the diamond industry, including advising the U.S. Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network on implementation of the Patriot Act and talking with the U.S. Senate regarding the drafting of the Clean Diamonds Act. He was also instrumental in creating the World Diamond Council and Kimberley Process. 

“We have a responsibility to preserve the integrity of our trade and to ensure the welfare of those who work in our business,” said More O’Ferrall in a statement. “It makes solid business sense for the entire industry. It’s important work, and I’m excited to renew my involvement with DDI.”

JCK News Director