Rogers & Hollands Launching Outlet Division

Rogers & Hollands has launched an outlet division and is rebranding two Chicago stores as Rogers & Hollands Outlets.

The new stores will offer unique merchandise that cannot be found at other Rogers & Hollands stores. The company says it will sell jewelry for 50 percent less than other retailers, and watches for 35 percent less.

The stores—one located in North Riverside Park Mall and the other in Golf Mill Shopping Center—will carry jewelry from Gabriel & Co., Scott Kay, Tacori, and Elle, and watches from Citizen, Movado, Bulova, and Rado. They will also offer high-end estate watches from Movado, Coach, and Tissot.

(Photo courtesy of Rogers & Hollands)

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One response to “Rogers & Hollands Launching Outlet Division”

  1. Great start. Kay’s took over Ultra and they have no idea how to run Outlets . Good luck Guys I am sure you will get it right . Danny Marks did and His stores did fantastic for many years on. If it was today and he had full share control he would have been the King of Outlet Stores because he knew what a Outlet had to be each and every Outlet had its certain needs of merchandising and If anyone know merchandising He it the Man. He had many stores over 4 million a year and great profit margin. Now since its been years about 3 or four Years Signet has taken the Outlet thought away and runs it like a regular Store . This does not work. Customers are smart they want a deal and they want different merchandise that is in the Signet brand stores. I know many of his top store have gone to 1/2 the volume now just because its not run as a Outlet. Anyways good luck Roger and Hollands Try the Vegas market your will do a killing in the Outlets and take away for Signet they have zero clue people unhappy and you can feel it in thier stores. so go for it and make it big smart move. Your 1st two Stores in Chicago should be Managed by a previous well polished Outlet Manger. This is a must because You have to know the difference how to run the Crew the Customer and the thought pattern is very different than the Regular mall store. It would be a smart move to got a Top guy from a Ultra previous Manger and have him train before you open the outlet and send him in to make a 3 million Dollar outlet store right from the start. no time for growing pains . A experienced Outlet Manger is your best choice not a Top manger from Your ranks . Reason they are set with a Mall type client and its very hard to change to a Outlet Manager its just basic thought for your new Outlets to take off right from the Start. Also Your choice of supervision shoe have the Outlet
    experience so both can make a Great start. Because the Outlet business is were its all going period. And hiring Staff look for past Ultra top sales people in the Chicago area their are many in signet stores just waiting to get away from signet. They are the best employees you need to get into your stores . They will feel right at home from the get go. As you well know these Outlets are a different football field the Coach and the players and the entire team up to the the Home office support has to be ready for a big difference and change of Customer. As we all know Rogers and Hollands sure has survived and they know their business so just keep a open mind on the marketing , The Staff choice, the deals Customers need who shop from many different places around the world and they do buy all price points so merchandise this way from low ticket to the best high end ticket and give the Manager freedom to know his discount limits and his margin knowledge guidelines. if you take all this and open these stores with a open mind of complete change Your will kill the others in this business and Your Company can take off in this Outlet bossiness that is going to be the long term survivors in the Jewelry Markets. Just look at Walmart they are re thinking their Jewelers business to the internet because they are losing the middle class customer . They bought and others because they need to change with the times. Roger and Hollands Your on track to a great thought to keep up with the high volume sales Stores and the tourist customers. This is were the profit margin is and the traffic in stores is now. Simon has the Football field it just needs a new player in the their Outlets all over the States and in fact all over the World . Great to see someones coming to show the Outlets that a new Team is starting like the Vegas Raiders. and they will be coming strong to the Outlet business . Great thinking Roger & Hollands

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