Robert Goodman Jewelers Gains Fans (Mostly) With Its Political Stands


If you need just one example of how Bob and Rose-Marie Goodman are jewelers who stand up for what they believe in, consider this: To date the couple have distributed 1,500 “Say Gay” stickers as part of their protest of Indiana’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

Another example: This summer they are hosting the Plan B Art Project, a traveling show that highlights jewelers and jewelry pieces that call attention to reproductive rights.

“We are planning a very aggressive PR campaign, coordinating with Shauna [Burke, who created the Plan B Project]. Three of our partners will have pieces in the collection that lands here: Judi Powers, Russell Jones, and Karin Jacobson. We are very proud of that,” Bob Goodman says.

It should be no surprise that the Goodmans scoff at the old cliché that you shouldn’t talk about religion or politics. The owners of a mom-and-pop jewelry store in Zionsville, Ind., happily discuss all of life’s major topics with customers, vendors, and fellow jewelers. Goodman says he welcomes anyone who is willing to have real and substantial debate.

Robert Goodman door
Bob and Rose-Marie Goodman share their beliefs on the store’s door, social media, and website, and they say they are happy to talk about their political beliefs with anyone who comes into their shop.

“If we take the positions we take, we have to respect other opinions,” Bob Goodman says. “We encourage people to come into our store if they want to have a conversation. Religion and politics are topics we want to talk about. If you do it in a respectful and civil manner, it works.”

Goodman says he and his wife prefer don’t need people to come into the shop to thank them for their advocacy. They act on their beliefs whether many agree with them or not.

“Nobody should be thanked for doing the right thing,” Goodman says. “Our message to the industry is ‘Get on board.’ We don’t have to have the same policies.… But there are some things that are part of the human model. Let’s all get on board to end systemic racism in our industry. Equality needs equity—get on board with that.

“There are so many things that we have in common, liberals and conservatives,” Goodman says. “We’re unapologetically liberal. We’re not embarrassed for being liberal. We’re proud of it. If someone wants to call me ‘woke,’ I say, ‘Thank you.’”

Say Gay sticker
Bob Goodman says they have ordered more than 1,000 “Say Gay” stickers to hand out as the state government considers so-called “Don’t Say Gay” legislation.

Sustainability? The Goodmans live locally, follow green practices like using recycled paper, and highlight designers who take care to minimize environmental impact and source responsibly. Gun control? All for it. If you want to know what they believe in as a business owners, just go to the Robert Goodman website or its social media—they spell it all out.

“We have it posted on our website and on our door: If you carry a gun, you’re not welcome in our store,” Goodman says. “It’s been there for two years now. You are welcome—just don’t bring your gun in.”

Granted, taking a strong stance on any topic likely will get attention, and the Goodmans are fine with that. They have had heated back-and-forths with individuals both online and in person. But at the end of the day, they’re always going to say what they mean and mean what they say.

“The human model is much more important than a business model. It’s more important than greed,” Goodman says.

Top: Bob and Rose-Marie Goodman are jewelers known for taking a stand, and they hope more of the industry will follow suit. (Photos courtesy of Robert Goodman Jewelers)

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