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Robbins Brothers Woos Customers With Cupid on the Street Campaign


Whether it is comedy or drama, the element of surprise is what takes something out of the ordinary and turns it into something memorable. That’s what Robbins Brothers did with its new Cupid on the Street campaign, sending a modern-day version of the Valentine’s Day symbol out into the world.

The social media videos hit TikTok and Instagram this week featuring an actor playing Cupid, giving out love, engagement-ring advice, and $100 coupons for potential customers. People on the sites who shared a comment on the posts also received the same in-store coupon via email to use on a gift for themselves or someone they love.

The Robbins Brothers Cupid hit the streets of Glendale, Calif., as well as Runyon Canyon and Griffith Park. Cupid—also known as a local actor named Blanca—wore a red-and-black outfit with a fluffy red tutu, heart sunglasses, and golden wings. She rode a pink bicycle around the Glendale outdoor mall area, taking goodies out of her “Carat Cart” basket and handed them out to couples of all ages, singles, and families.

“We were brainstorming ways we could do something similar to a man-on-the-street style interview to attract the attention of potential customers and, as Valentine’s Day approached, we thought of Cupid,” says Kris Land, vice president of marketing for Robbins Brothers.

Robbin Brothers Cupid campaign
Armed with cameras and an actor playing Cupid, Robbins Brothers hit the streets in late January to film a new campaign highlighting love and a $100 store coupon.

“The idea for Cupid on the Street came from the concept that we really wanted to get out in our local communities and engage in conversations in a fun way that would bring them back into the store,” Land says. “Cupid is one of the most iconic symbols of love, so it was a really natural fit.”

Cupid’s advice? Sometimes silly, definitely funny, and just old-fashioned fun, Land says. The campaign’s idea was to create entertaining and sharable social media content about love, Valentine’s Day gifts, and engagement rings.

“When we decided to go with the idea of a Cupid campaign, we knew we wanted someone that everyone could relate to. We wanted Cupid to represent someone you would feel comfortable going to for advice about love or about the right engagement ring, as well as someone who could make you laugh while filming a random TikTok dance,” Land says. “She is fun, engaging, approachable, and a ray of sunshine. We are very happy with our first iteration of Cupid.”

These Cupid on the Street interviews are certainly heartfelt. There’s a woman who talks about hosting a Galentine’s Day event highlighting friendship and self-care. One group of kids looks mystified by what Valentine’s Day is but they’re happy to have received some stuffed animals. Everyone who receives the Cupid coupon looks excited to get one as well.

“We wanted to have both lighthearted, funny conversations through trivia and other moments with people in the community, but also have more serious and heartfelt conversations,” Land says. “We really are in the business of making love stories come to life.”

The campaign will continue through Valentine’s Day, and Robbins Brothers is tracking how the coupons are used at its 15 retail jewelry stores in California, Texas, Washington, and Arizona. It also helps boost the message that while Robbins Brothers are engagement-ring specialists, its stores and online site also are about gifts, fine jewelry, and more, Land says.

“The campaign is going great so far,” Land says. “We had Cupid running around Los Angeles the last weekend of January to interact with the community and to film content and we just began launching the content on social media on Feb. 1.… The social media comments that have turned into conversations for us has been the best part.”

Top: Cupid, played by a local actor, is helping Robbins Brothers spread the love and a $100 in-store coupon just in time for Valentine’s Day. (All photos courtesy of Robbins Brothers)

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