Check Out the 10 Designer Engagement Rings in De Beers’ Ten/Ten Project

Last year, diamond producer De Beers Group handpicked 10 of-the-moment fine jewelry designers, then challenged them to create a “reimagined” engagement ring using a sustainably sourced, natural diamond from Botswana.

The parameters were finite: Each ring design had to feature a diamond smaller than 1 ct. that was mined, cut, and polished in Botswana (the diamonds bear the inscription “Botswana Ten/Ten”), and the price of the ring had to be relatively accessible—between $3,000 and $4,000.

We’ve been eager to lay eyes on the rings since first writing about the Ten/Ten collaboration in December. And now they’re out! The very limited-edition collection of 100 commitment rings (that’s 10 of each design) was unveiled today on Blue Nile.

Ten/Ten was specifically designed to promote diamonds from Botswana, a nation with an economy that relies heavily on its mined diamond trade. The 10 independent jewelry designers were chosen “for their unique and distinct points of view,” according to a statement from De Beers. They are: Catherine Sarr of Almasika, Aurora Lopez Mejia, Bea Bongiasca, Lauren Harwell Godfrey of Harwell Godfrey, Lola Oladunjoye of Lola Fenhirst, Marla Aaron, Michelle Fantaci, Natasha Tsimmerman of Platt Boutique Jewelry, Pamela Love, and Wing Yau of WWAKE.

All 10 designs bear the aesthetic footprint of their designers; it would be fun to scatter them on a table like jacks and see if you could guess which designer conjured which design. But for jewelry lovers, it would be an easy game. How could Bea Bongiasca’s ring not include an enameled “vine”? What’s a WWAKE ring without an offset diamond, or a Harwell Godfrey piece without a geometric shape? And it could hardly be a Marla Aaron offering without a few moving parts.

Here are all 10 styles from the Ten/Ten collection:

Lola Fenhirst ten ten de beers
The Union diamond engagement ring in 18k rose gold with graduated ascending beads, $3,590, by Lola Fenhirst
ALMASIKA ten ten de beers
Serene engagement ring in 18k yellow gold with floating round diamond, $3,690, by Almasika
Marla Aaron ten ten de beers
DiMe Siempre diamond engagement ring in platinum with a bezel setting that doubles as a clasp that opens to reveal two individual rings, $4,390, by Marla Aaron
Bea Bongiasca Ten Ten De Beers
You’re So Mine engagement ring set in white enamel and 18k yellow gold (two rings), $3,390, by Bea Bongiasca


Aurora Lopez Mejia ten ten de beers
Mara diamond engagement ring in 18k yellow gold inspired by an African tribal ring, $3,990, by Aurora Lopez Mejia
WWAKE ten ten de beers
The Duo engagement ring set in 14k yellow gold featuring a prong-set diamond, which floats on a u-shaped band that nests within a polished wide gold band, $4,490, by WWAKE
Platt Boutique Jewelry ten ten de beers
Heirloom engagement ring in 18k yellow gold with a tiny 12-point crown that doubles as a prong setting, $3,290, by Platt Boutique Jewelry
Pamela Love ten ten de beers
Treccia engagement ring in 18k yellow gold with textural braiding on the band and a brilliant round diamond, $3,990, by Pamela Love
Harwell Godfrey ten ten de beers
Motu engagement ring in 18k yellow gold with a prong-set center diamond set in a hexagonal halo of mother-of-pearl, $3,690, by Harwell Godfrey
Michelle Fantaci ten ten de beers
Naledi engagement ring in 18k rose gold featuring a brilliant bezel-set diamond at the center of a star motif, $3,390, by Michelle Fantaci

Top: The Naledi engagement ring by Michelle Fantaci (all photos courtesy of De Beers)

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