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The bigger the jewelry, the more likely it is that it will be noticed. An exception to this rule occurs when the jewelry is captured in a photograph that is then reproduced in the pages of a magazine or on-line, where every detail can be poured over and analyzed. Even though a fabulous ring is not typically the first piece of jewelry that catches the eye, a ring, much like earrings, is practically ubiquitous as a component of any stylish ensemble.


Some of the latest designs in rings, however, have been achieving sufficient size and presence to demand primary attention. From a design standpoint, several designers have been finding that rings need more real estate on the hand than fits over the top of just one finger. For example, here is a trio of huge, chunky rings with an earthy, organic vibe featured in the January 2010 issue of Harper’s Bazaar.


Some designs add massive volume to the adornments attached to a band, as for example this ring by Ranjana Khan with its fruit salad of design elements, also featured in the January 2010 issue of Harper’s Bazaar.


For someone who wants a statement ring but prefers a more delicate design, here’s a white gold and diamond flower ring by Bizzotto Gioielli found in a pictorial promotion in the same issue of Harper’s Bazaar.


The January 2010 issue of Marie Claire magazine features jewelry from Ileana Macri & Marios Schwab, including this unusual triple-stone ring that extends over neighboring fingers.


Schwab is the new creative director for Halston. Among the styling ideas he recommends for the magazine’s readers is wearing bold cocktail rings over cropped riding gloves. Notice the extremely cropped length of the gloves in this photo.

Wearing a ring over a pair of gloves works best over the very finest of skintight kid gloves, of course. It’s an interesting idea for wearing a ring that is otherwise too large for one’s fingers.


And if a ring just isn’t enough adornment where rings are usually worn, Allure magazine presents another option. The January 2010 issue of Allure shows a pair of Chanel bracelets worn across the hand and under the thumbs. This is an intriguing look, no doubt, although it’s not clear whether the bracelets would stay put or are simply a bit of editorial fancy.

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