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Here’s Why You Should Revisit Your Pinterest Account


It was 2012 and Pinterest was the place to be. If you weren’t making Pinterest boards according to color (in the case of our industry, maybe gemstone), locale, or holiday, what were you even doing?

The platform has since been through numerous transformations: an ode to our home-bound hobbies at the height of the pandemic, a place for storing our favorite recipes (I still do this), a mood board for the fashions we look to try later.

Today, Pinterest seems primed to once again become less a storage destination inspiring passive use, and more a bona fide place to do things that might matter for ourselves and businesses.

In a recently released Q4 earnings report, Pinterest showed an increase of 5 million active users—a sign that some have been returning to the platform after it lost users in early 2021.

And if you think it’s elder millennials reaching for that piece of early 2010s nostalgia, think again—Gen Z was the fastest-growing demographic on the platform, according to the report, and the one likely responsible for the app’s evolution: Nearly half of all videos pinned in Q4 were from Gen Z users, a feature that reinforces the demographic’s thing for video content (see: TikTok, Reels, YouTube, and the like).

Pinterest also speaks to a vibe in social media that Gen Z seems to crave: positivity (see also: BeReal, Gas).

“Creating an audience on Pinterest is different from other platforms,” says Pinterest’s report. “Pinterest is a place where positivity and creativity are fostered, and people are genuinely here to learn new things and create a more beautiful life for themselves.”

With the platform’s push for more video content—including a just-announced partnership with Condé Nast Entertainment (CNE)—a reported growth in revenue and engagement, and promises (outlined in the fourth-quarter report) to improve its content offerings and expand its advertiser solutions, getting back on track with one’s Pinterest account feels appropriate at this time, especially for businesses.

Top: Pinterest recently released its fourth-quarter earnings report, with compelling stats that might encourage users to ramp up their activity on the platform this year. (Image via Pinterest)

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By: Brittany Siminitz

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