Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts to Close

The Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts is closing its doors this week, after 38 years of teaching jewelry-making to students.

This summer, founder Alan Revere announced he would be retiring and was looking for a buyer for his San Francisco–based school.

And while he said he had received several offers of interest, he added, “If nobody shows up, it’s always been my plan to shut the door and walk away.”

Apparently, he did not find a worthy suitor, and the Academy’s current class will be its last. It plans no classes for 2018.

On the school’s Facebook page, former students expressed sadness over the closing but largely said they respected his decision.

“You created a superb school, a most worthy achievement!” wrote one. “The Academy is just over? No one to step into your shoes to keep the fires burning? I’m sorry to hear it.
I’m very glad you’ve done so much for the community and the art forms of metalsmiths and the jewelry arts.  Have a wonderful rest of your life, you’ve earned it!!”

The Revere Academy was established in San Francisco in 1979 following Revere’s manufacturing training in Germany. Since then the school has trained more than 10,000 students. Revere himself has authored several books on jewelry manufacturing.

“With past students now working as jewelers, entrepreneurs, bench technicians, designers and makers across the country and around the globe, I am proud of what the Revere Academy has accomplished,” Revere said in a statement, “I feel that I have completed a personal mission to carry Old World craftsmanship across the ocean and into the next millennium. And so it is time for me to pass the torch.”

(Image courtesy of Alan Revere)

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