Retailers in the News

With the start of the holiday sales season, there’s no
shortage of retailer news. Traditional Jewelers got a mention on
when their reporters caught up with “Tron” star Olivia Wilde at the jeweler’s
Malibu, Calif. store …. A Hingham, Mass. jeweler holds a Secret Santa gift-giving
event …. Falkenburg’s Jewelers “laid off” gloom and doom and all bad news
related to the down economy on Black Friday …. Assailants using police sirens
and lights pulled over two Arizona retail jewelers and kidnapped them …. And,
Kay Jewelers “Storm” commercial shows no signs of blowing over.   

Olivia Wilde Talks Charity and ‘Tron’

Hingham Jewelers plans ‘Secret Santa’ gift surprises

Shift seen in Black Friday mindset

Robbers use fake police lights to target jewelers

The Kay Jewelers Storm Commercial Just Won’t Die

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