Retailers in the News

After sifting through the police blotter retailer news,
there were some more uplifting and upbeat retailer stories in the news: A Randolph, Mass., man was issued a court summons on larceny
charges when he tried to sell fake gold jewelry to the city’s police chief—who also happens to be a jeweler—at a grocery store.… A Glens Falls, N.Y., man realizes that it’s a bad idea to burglarize a
jewelry store after consuming some adult beverages.… Favorable holidays sales report continue come in, this week
from Altoona, Pa.… A customer tries to sell a jeweler a 14k gold
unicorn pendant believed to have been commissioned by the late stargazer Dr. Carl
Sagan.… And, a Toledo, Ohio, jeweler sells bracelets to support veterans.   

Man arrested for
trying to sell fake gold to police chief who’s also a jeweler

Glens Falls man
arrested for allegedly burglarizing a jewelry store

Area jewelers report
very merry holiday season

‘Cosmic Connection?’

Local jewelers offer
support for wounded veterans