Retailer Spotlight: Polychemy Jewelry

Online-only fine jewelry retailers that offer customizable options may soon have a formidable competitor in Polychemy Jewelry, a new Singapore-based online jewelry retailer that lets consumers tweak the fundamental design of a jewelry piece—not just the gemstones and metal type.

The company’s website isn’t as slick as those of its competitors, but Polychemy uses 3-D capabilities both online and in its manufacturing. The result: Consumers have loads of options when designing their pieces. 

We caught up with Polychemy’s young CEO, Aaron Issac—who cut his teeth in 3-D animation and now lectures frequently on the subject of 3-D printing—on his fledgling company.

Courtesy Polychemy Jewelry

Aaron Issac, CEO of Polychemy Jewelry

JCK: What does Polychemy do differently than other custom jewelry e-tailers?

Aaron Isaac: Other retailers use 3-D mainly as a display mechanism. Which, in my opinion, is not really a significant innovation. Polychemy’s system actually generates customized designs in real time by our proprietary 3-D engine. The system generates new and unique designs based on the customer’s preferences. For example, our unique snowflake necklaces are generated algorithmically. Each necklace is totally unique, and no two are alike. This offers a level of personalization that extends not to just simple engraving or gem setting, but to changing the design itself.

JCK: How do you keep prices low for shoppers?

Isaac: Our system replaces the designer with an automated solution. So we can create thousands of designs intelligently, with no additional cost or man power. That helps bring the cost down considerably.

JCK: What has been the most popular design/designs in engagement rings so far?

Isaac: Our Queens Name ring in solid gold with red rubies is the most popular.  

Courtesy Polychemy Jewelry

Polychemy’s best seller: the gold-and-ruby Queens Name ring 

JCK: Where do you see 3-D technology heading in the jewelry industry? 

Isaac: I personally see systems and software that can generate very beautiful and appealing designs customized to the customer’s specific taste and demands. Without the need for a designer. This is not just about a 3-D display, but a whole new world of programmable products.

Issac is scheduled to speak on consumer 3-D printing at the Inside 3D Printing conference in Singapore on Jan. 28.

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