Retail Voyeurism: 5 Hot Lines That Your Competitors Carry

Your competitors may know a thing or two that you don’t, so keep abreast of their inventory to stay current and maximize your own business’ profitability. Here are five designers that peers nationwide carry.

Arunashi at Tassels in Atlanta

The press-shy Arun Bohra of Arunashi makes gorgeous jewelry that you mainly have to see in person to see at all (fear of copycats discourages him from sharing photos of new pieces with magazines), so for a designer of this caliber to sell his works to a shop makes the move—and purveyor—a big deal.

Arunashi earrings with diamonds and precious stones

One-of-a-kind earrings with diamonds and precious stones by Arunashi

AS29 at Hirshleifers

Audrey Savransky of AS29 debuted her line in the U.S. only last June, so it’s a delight to see such a seasoned boutique as Hirshleifers—which is more than 100 years old—in Manhasset, N.Y., snap up her designs, which are youthful, edgy, and loaded with diamonds.

AS29 ring in gold with diamonds

Arrow pinky ring in 18k blackened white gold with black and white diamonds, $3,325; AS29

Dean Harris at Forty Five Ten in Dallas

This destination epitomizes chic with its tony fashion labels in new and vintage assortments and a well-edited selection of jewelry, including pieces from Dean Harris, which go a long way toward outfitting the city’s best dressed.

Dean Harris Gold Diamond Bud Hoop earrings

Diamond Bud Thin hoop earrings in 18k gold, $1,800; Dean Harris

Federica Rettore at Marissa Collections in Naples

This lifestyle boutique has officially reached “it store” status, with designers stalking staffers—someone hoping to get case space mistook me for jewelry buyer Jennifer McCurry at Couture 2013. But designers must wait their turn for careful curating, such as Federica Rettore, whose organic-looking numbers with dreamy gemstones appeal to high-end southern Florida shoppers. 

Two Finger ring in gold with Paraiba tourmaline and precious stones by Federicka Rettore

Two-finger ring in 18k gold with Paraiba tourmaline, precious stones, and diamonds, $13,050; Federica Rettore

Kimberly McDonald at Wilkes Bashford in San Francisco

This store is loaded with so many covetable designer lines—think Kimberly McDonald—that you’ll swear jewelry is its specialty. Instead, the 50-year-old onetime menswear-only clothing destination has reinvented itself in recent years to include high-end women’s fashions and of course, lots of fine jewelry.

KImberly McDonald gold, opal, and diamond necklaces

Pendants in 18k gold with opals and diamonds by Kimberly McDonald

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