Remounting a Customer’s Jewelry

This blog by Caroline Stanley

One great way to give a customer’s jewelry new life is through remounting.

Remounting is a service that most jewelers offer. It’s especially relevant if your customer wants something new yet has some sentimental attachments to parts of her jewelry. Consider having a discussion around these concepts with your customer.

Questions for a potential remount customer:
1) Why is it time for a change?
2) Do you want something that will fit in with your wardrobe or are you seeking a new look?
3) What is your very favorite piece of jewelry? Why?

Start a dialogue. Find out if she’s happy with her wardrobe or if this remount is the start of a new look, a new chapter in her life. The key is to work with your customer and her WHOLE jewelry wardrobe, not just a part of it (assuming the remount is a piece she’s going to keep for herself).

By asking a few targeted questions, you can get to know your customer a bit better and see what other holes might be in her wardrobe and how else you can be of help.

Today’s Jewel
Work with your customer’s whole jewelry wardrobe – not just one piece when you’re doing a remount. Have a conversation that addresses more than just what metal she likes or what color stones she enjoys.

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