Reichen Gets Personal

As Carrie already noted, a group of us from JCK were lucky enough to meet with Reichen Lehmkuhl at Splash Bar (SBNY) and ask a few questions about the inspiration behind his new line of jewelry “Fly Naked with Reichen.”


Click here to listen to JCK’s exclusive interview and hear Reichen talk to me and Jen about his grandmother (who was a pilot during WW2), the cause that’s getting a portion of the gross (the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network), what his favorite item at H&M is and a brief vocabulary lesson on things having to do with flight instruments and avionics in general. Quiz to follow (not really).

(L to R) Jennifer Heebner, Reichen Lehmkuhl and Bacilio Mendez at Splash Bar, celebrating the launch of 
Fly Naked with Reichen jewelry line by Love and Pride.

You can also watch the commercial from Love and Pride below or by clicking here.