“Real Is Rare”: Bringing a New Passion for Diamonds to the Millennial Generation

“Real Is Rare. Real Is a Diamond” is a completely new and highly contemporary marketing communication platform that aims to create desirability for diamonds among millennials and build the long-term equity of the diamond category. The Diamond Producers Association (DPA) believes it also can unite the entire industry behind a single powerful message.

Using a storytelling strategy that is creatively disruptive and tonally very different from the classic marriage proposal moments of the past, it speaks to the 80 million U.S. millennials by broadening the depiction of what committed relationships look and feel like today. The message? In a fast-paced, digital-first world, authentic emotion and real connection are rare—and what better way to express your commitment than with a diamond that is as precious and unique as your relationship?

Early research on the message has shown that it resonates powerfully with millennials, encouraging them to take a fresh look at diamonds as an ideal symbol of love and commitment, guided by personal choice versus convention. It also can drive new business, potentially taking the role of a diamond well beyond the bridal space to encompass all the meaningful moments in a relationship worth celebrating.

The campaign will benefit from television support to build buzz and awareness, but it will really differentiate itself by leveraging precision targeting in an eight-week campaign that will surround consumers using multiple digital and social channels. This is where Real Is Rare will start powerful conversations about what real relationships mean via custom editorial, video, and digital radio—telling engaging stories, adding variety to the message, and meeting millennials on the channels and platforms where they already spend time.

This campaign marks an important first step in reigniting diamond category marketing, and its ultimate success will depend on collaboration with our partners across the industry. Real Is Rare aims to build an emotional connection and lifestyle resonance with the people whose attention is required to drive industry vitality in the coming decade.  Retailers ultimately own the relationship with the consumer, and our hope is that you will harness and propel this new momentum online and in-store. The three ways retailers can best lend their support to reenergize the category are:

• Make sure your customers see the ads. Place links to the advertising videos on your website and social media.

• Create an emotional connection. Find out about the customer’s own real and rare moments of connection. Then explain why only a diamond is precious enough to celebrate them.

• Get behind the campaign! Spread the word to managers and sales associates. This is a campaign that really is different than anything that has come before and one that everyone in the industry can support.

The DPA’s Trade Portal on DiamondProducers.com, has been set up as the go-to resource for retailers to help them do all of the above. Sign up for all the information and facts you need to take advantage of the campaign and help bring a whole new generation into the diamond category.

Jean-Marc Lieberherr is CEO of the Diamond Producers Association. The DPA is an international alliance of the world’s leading diamond mining companies, which are united in their commitment to best-in-class ethical and sustainable operations and transparent business practices. Together, its members represent the majority of world diamond production. The DPA mission is to protect and promote the integrity and reputation of diamonds, and of the diamond industry. Follow the DPA on Twitter and Facebook or visit us at RealIsADiamond.com.



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