Real Gems: The People That Make the Jewelry Sparkle

If you’ll permit this blogger a moment to be completely sentimental, I want to attribute having had the greatest year at JCK Las Vegas to some very special people. I am grateful to and for everyone—from the exhibitors who work with me each day to make this incredibly fun job possible to our team here at JCK who managed to put on another killer show. We spend a lot of time lusting after sparkling jewelry and discussing the latest trends, but those things would be nothing without the hard-working people behind them; those who work tirelessly to create the jewelry, the passionate writers and promoters that share it with us, and the behind-the-scenes wonders that really make the magic happen. Here is just a small sample of the people and the moments that made this year in Vegas the best one yet.

Vegas Gems, 2013

Cocktails with the Vegas Gems (from left): Wendy Brandes, Wendy Brandes Fine Jewelry; Jessica Cohen,; Katrina Kelly, Katrina Kelly Jewelry; Brittany Siminitz, JCK Marketplace; Monica Stephenson,; Erika Winters,; Barbara Palumbo, Jeff Cooper Designs; Cheryl Krekow,; Shamila Jiwa, Shamila Fine Jewelry; and Elizabeth Brewer


Dina Mackney and Margaret Wright

Drinks with the fab Dina Mackney (left) and Margaret Wright of Dina Mackney Designs.


Omi Prive on JCK TV

Omi Privé ladies Nicolette Kovacevich (left) and Natalie Weisiger being filmed for JCK TV.


Heather Moore bridal event

At the Heather Moore Bridal collection event (from left): Heather Moore, Barbara Palumbo, Brittany Siminitz, and Monica Stephenson.


Yael Designs JCK TV

 Yael Designs‘ very own Yehouda Saketkhou (right) and Alison Rutherfurd filming for JCK TV.

Erik Stewart JCK TV

The lovely and genuine designer Erik Stewart films a segment for JCK TV.


group shot rocks the beach

Rocking the Beach(from left): Shamila Jiwa, Erika Winters, Wendy Brandes, Brittany Siminitz, Jennifer Heebner, and Barbara Palumbo.


Be sure to visit the JCK Channel on YouTube for the JCK TV segments you may have missed at the show, including those pictured here. 

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