Real Gems: The People Behind the Jewelry

One of the best parts of my job is getting to stare at, obsess over, and talk about gorgeous jewelry all day long. What’s even better than this jewelry dream, however, is working with the people who make it all possible. The designers, the retailers, the passionate PR, marketing, and sales people: This is the jewelry industry. In this business, we don’t just sell a diamond or a colored gemstone; what’s bestowed upon the men and women who purchase each piece is an experience. So visiting these gems of the jewelry industry at events, like last week’s LUXURY Privé, is a treat for me. I’d like to introduce you to four people I recently spent some time with in New York City. If you don’t know them already, you really should. Oh, and, as always, be sure to visit each and every one of their companies on JCK Marketplace.


Nada Ghazal, Nada G

Brittany and Nada, LUXURY Prive 2012

Jewelry designer Nada G is an incredible person to be around—and it’s not just becauseof her creations (though the award-winning designs are certainly distracting enough). She travels from Beirut—no small distance—to showcase her love for jewelry, and it’s always done with a welcoming smile. Her designs are artsy, fresh, and just what your showcases are longing for. See for yourself.


Filecellia Sampson, Goshwara

Filecellia Goshwara

The uniquely named Filecellia is responsible for client and public relations for Goshwara, and she does it with fierce dedication. She’s always impeccably dressed and accessorized with a Goshwara piece (amethyst, thank you very much), and is one of the most enjoyable people to stop by and talk to—especially if you’re inclined to discuss the latest news in fashion and jewelry. Looking to please your clients with up-to-the-minute pieces? She’s your gal.


Kirk Kara, Kirk Kara

Kirk Kara

The namesake of Kirk Kara, a family-oriented master jeweler, is Kirk. And, to be frank, Kirk is the best. He’ll always make you feel welcome, with a warm smile and gentle disposition. You’ll always find one or both of his equally lovely daughters, Grace and Angela, at his side. In this industry of love, you can count on this fantastic family for quality bridal jewelry, perfect for your love-struck engagement ring shoppers.


Jazmine Robinson, JudeFrances

Jazmine JudeFrances

I caught Jazmine fresh off her second day with JudeFrances, but I’d never have guessed it. The West Coast regional manager plans to dive right into the social media aspect of the jewelry business, and she’s going to be great. Jazmine doubled as a pretty active earring model as we combed through the massive options, and I was so thankful for the time (and glass of wine) she shared with me. If you want something new to show your customers, look no further.

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