Rapaport to host fair trade jewelry conference at JCK Show

The Rapaport Fair Trade Jewelry Conference will be held during the JCK Show ~ Las Vegas on June 5, 2:00-5:00 p.m., at the Delfino Ballroom in the Venetian Hotel. The conference is free and open to all members of the jewelry industry.

The purpose of the conference is to promote greater industry awareness of fair trade jewelry. Leading stakeholders within the jewelry trade will discuss the potential for the development of fair trade jewelry products and the establishment of fair trade jewelry standards. The conference goal is to raise the issue of fair trade and encourage consensus building within the industry.

The conference agenda will include:

* What is Fair Trade and how can it be applied to the jewelry industry?
* What are the benefits of Fair Trade Jewelry to producers, the trade and consumers?
* How are Fair Trade Standards established and enforced?
* How can the market for Fair Trade Jewelry be developed?

“We believe that the jewelry industry is committed to improving the lives of more than one million people around the world who produce our products, yet live in abject poverty,” said Martin Rapaport, Chairman of the Fair Trade Jewelry Conference and the Rapaport Group. “As an industry we must recognize our responsibility to suppliers as well as customers by ensuring the fair treatment of everyone in the distribution system and environmentally correct sourcing of our products.”

He added that the conference is an “important opportunity for all those in the jewelry industry that wish to create jewelry that makes the world a better place. Everyone is encouraged to attend and share their views about what our industry can and should do to improve the lives of those that produce our diamonds, gems, gold and jewelry. We are responsible for what we buy.”

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