Rapaport Opening Diamond Grading Lab

The Rapaport Corporation, best known for its price sheet and online trading network, is adding a diamond grading lab to its bevy of businesses.

The new RapLab currently offers a service where it checks whether a diamond is synthetic or natural. But it will eventually also provide “additional services such as imaging and grading,” says Joshua Kersh, Rapaport general manager. 

According to its website, the lab will also offer manufacturing consultation services. Grading reports will be based on the opinions of two gemologists and lab instruments. 

The company began providing services in Ramat Gan, Israel, and Mumbai, India, earlier this month. Additional service centers in New York and Surat, India, will open in the near future. 

The synthetic checks will be done with De Beers’ DiamondSure and DiamondView machines. It will also “implement statistical sampling protocols for parcels of diamonds,” the company says.


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