Rapaport Fair Trade Conference at Baselworld

The Rapaport Group will sponsor the first Fair Trade Jewelry Conference at the Baselworld Watch and Jewellery Show.

The conference will be held March 30, from 10:30 till 1:30 in the Montreal Hall at the Basel Congress Center. The Basel Congress Center is located across the street from the show.

This conference will provide an opportunity for leading jewelry industry stakeholders to discuss and learn about fair trade jewelry opportunities and recent initiatives. It will also provide an opportunity for members of the fair trade community to learn more about the jewelry industry and opportunities for cooperation with the private sector.

The conference is free and open to everyone. Members of the jewelry trade and fair trade communities are encouraged to attend.

Topics at the conference will include:

* Fair Trade Jewelry Initiatives;
* What is and what is not fair trade jewelry;
* The role of the private sector;
* What’s in a name: charitable, conflict free, ethical, fair trade, fair made, development jewelry; and
* Sourcing and marketing fair trade jewelry.

To learn more about this conference or to register, e-mail: fairtrade@diamonds.net. Space is limited.

Additional fair trade information is available at http://www.diamonds.net/fairtrade/