Rahaminov Diamonds Keeps Us Guessing With Mystery Jewels Before JCK Las Vegas

Rahaminov Diamonds unveiling Las Vegas 2014Visitors to LUXURY at JCK Las Vegas are in for a treat when they stop by the booth of Rahaminov Diamonds. Those familiar with the company, and especially those lucky enough to get up close and personal with its creations, are no stranger to the exquisite, high-quality designs that are always represented. But this year is particularly exciting, since Rahaminov is unveiling a line of rare jewels—and they’re really keeping us intrigued until May 27!

The sight of the new creations will be a surprise to show goers, but for now I can share a few—let’s call them—clues. Of the sure-to-be stunning stones in the lineup for 2014 are the Vivid Ocean, the Golden Majesty, and a bracelet called the One Hundred. “Jewelry of this caliber is so impressive even to our standards, we take price in all of our new pieces,” says Tamara Rahaminov Goldfiner, the designer behind the luxury looks.

Any guesses as to what the mystery pieces may look like? I’ll confess, I was privy to a glance. And I tell you this: You won’t be disappointed. So when you’re venturing over to booth LUX921 during the show, be sure to share what you find! I can’t wait to see and hear your reactions to the new pieces—that goes for all of you at home, too! Until then, check out the latest pieces from Rahaminov Diamonds here. See you in Vegas!

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