Quiz: Can You Tell Which Jewelry News Headlines Are Real or Fake?

You may think you’re informed enough about jewelry news to impress tipsy revelers at an industry cocktail party, but how much do you really know about what’s going on in the jewelry world?

Find out by determining which of these recent headlines are real or fake.


  1. 1. Etsy Pieces Now Appearing at Nordstrom

  2. 2. Wal-Mart Considers Having Customers Deliver Packages

  3. 3. Guinness Certifies the “World’s Most Valuable Necklace”

  4. 4. Napoleon’s Engagement Ring Loses the Battle of Waterloo

  5. 5. 239 Carat Diamond Found in New York City Sewer System

  6. 6. Survey: 50% of American Women Don’t Believe in Retail Therapy

  7. 7. Macy’s Accidentally Marks $1,500 Necklace Down to $47

  8. 8. Bracelets Made From Bomb Material Support Peace

  9. 9. Retailers Experimenting With Rewarding Showrooming Customers

  10. 10. Home Depot Now Selling Jewelry


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