Q&A With ‘Twilight’ Star and Jewelry Designer Nikki Reed

Contemporary fashion and denim brand 7 For All Mankind has collaborated with Twilight star Nikki Reed on an exclusive jewelry collection.  

The collection offers five pieces designed by Reed that are directly inspired by 7 For All Mankind’s spring 2013 clothing line, including sterling silver necklaces and earrings and gold bangles.  

The pieces from Reed’s Mattlin Era line are currently available at 7FAM boutiques nationwide and can be purchased directly on the store’s website.

“Not only was it important for the jewelry to engage with the denim, but to also tell the same story,” Barry Miguel, president of 7 For All Mankind, said in a statement. “It’s all about giving an extra boost of confidence to take on the world with sophistication and style.”

Reed took time out of her schedule to answer a few design and style questions for us:

JCK: How did you get into designing jewelry?

Nikki Reed: It’s something I’ve always wanted to do being from a full family of artists. I talked to my manager about it and then it all just happened.

JCK: I understand the inspiration behind the line is the theme of love. How did you relate that notion to your designs?

NR: As a newlywed, everything I do is infused with love!

Humility necklace ($68) 

JCK: You and your husband [musician Paul McDonald] recently released a song together. Do you notice any similarities between writing music and jewelry design?

NR: I do because they are both an intimate and creative process, and both require drawing from personal experience and inspiration.

JCK: You were recently in Orlando as part of your “jewelry tour.”  Where else will you showcase your pieces?

NR: My last stop was Dallas [on May 14], but the complete collection is available at all 7FAM retail stores and online.

Story Telling Bangle ($84 for set of three)

JCK: In the Twilight films your character, vampire Rosalie Hale, displayed an edgy-vintage style. How do you describe your own personal style? What’s your favorite item in your jewelry box?

NR: I would say my style is eclectic and I love wearing pieces that have a meaning and story behind them. My personal favorite right now is the Starry Knight Necklace because I designed the piece to go with my “music style” and what I wear onstage.

Starry Knight seven station necklace ($78)