Q&A With Fitness Icon Turned Jewelry Designer Richard Simmons

If you liked Sweatin’ to the Oldies, you’ll love JTV’s new jewelry collection collaboration with fitness icon Richard Simmons. 

Sparkle by Richard Simmons, which debuted on JTV on Aug. 16, features rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets that embody Simmons’ passions and energetic personality.

“This collection provides sparkling mementos of empowerment and confidence for women everywhere,” said Jill Johnson, vice president of marketing for JTV, in a statement. “Richard Simmons strives to make women feel empowered enough to conquer any challenge, and he’s taken that inspiration and turned it into colorful fashion jewelry.”

Simmons found time between exercise routines and jewelry design to talk to JCK about fashion, fitness, and flair.

JCK: How did the collaboration with JTV begin?

Richard Simmons: I was watching TV with a friend, and while we were surfing the channels, I stumbled upon JTV. I was pulled in by the beautiful pieces they were showcasing that night, and I always had a secret love for jewelry, so I called to order them. While talking to the operator—who was wonderful—I asked her who to talk with to show my jewelry designs to. They put me through to the design department. I am so proud to be part of the JTV family!

JCK: What are your design inspirations?

RS: Most of my design inspirations come from my mother. She always looked beautiful and elegant, and never left the house without her jewelry. I’m also inspired by my love of pets. Both of these things can be seen through my collection with JTV. I also have pieces with words of inspiration like “peace” and “hope”—we all need to remember that in this world.

JCK: What is your favorite piece from the Sparkle collection?

RS: It is hard for me to pick a favorite, but my eyes are constantly pulled to the gold bow earrings that are encrusted with crystals. On the inside, I inscribed “you are my gift” so you always know you are special.

JCK: You rose to fame with your fitness career. Do you notice any similarities between creating workout routines and designing jewelry?

RS: Discipline and creativity are the two things that connect working out with designing jewelry. If you have those two things though, you can conquer the world.

JCK: How can fashionistas look and feel good while breaking a sweat? Do you think it’s ever acceptable to wear jewelry while working out?

RS: To stay fashionable while working out, wear light jewelry that sparkles and shines. It won’t get in the way while you are breaking a sweat, and you still look cute!

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