Pyrrha x Atticus to Help People Struggling With Depression

Canadian jeweler Pyrrha has teamed up with young, pseudonymous poet Atticus to create a limited-edition talisman that captures the writer’s most famous words: “Love Her But Leave Her Wild.” Vancouver, Canada–based designers Danielle and Wade Papin, who are well-known for using techniques and imagery from the Victorian era, chose those words from a poem that Atticus meant to honor the power of the female spirit.

Atticus, the poetic version of pseudonymous artist Banksy, is striking a note with young people. Teen Vogue named him the number-one person to follow while Galore magazine said he is the world’s most tattooable poet.

“We felt a strong connection to these words by Atticus, and wanted to create a piece of jewelry that captures the same essence,” said Papin. “Our hope is that the ‘Love Her But Leave Her Wild’ talisman will inspire powerful meaning and personal sentiment for each wearer, akin to a tattoo. It’s pretty extraordinary to have the opportunity to connect with Atticus fans in this way.”

Pyrrha plans to donate $100 from each purchase of the talisman to To Write Love On Her Arms, a charity dedicated to helping young people struggling with anxiety, depression, and self-injury.

The talisman is available both on the Pyrrha and the Atticus websites and can be bought alone for $174 or with the book for $199.

“Love Her But Leave Her Wild” talisman, available in silver or bronze, $174

The front of the talisman with the words “love her but leave her wild”

The back of the talisman with the Pyrrha signature

 (Top: Pyrrha x Atticus “Love Her But Leave Her Wild” talisman and book sold together, $199)

Kristin Young is writing the All That Glitters blog while Amy Elliott is on maternity leave.

Kristin Young

JCK Magazine Contributor