Pyrrha Partners With HBO for ‘Game of Thrones’ Jewelry

Fans of HBO’s top-rated fantasy drama Game of Thrones can now show their love in a much classier way than donning a T-shirt: An official collection of talisman necklaces and rings is set for release by the Vancouver-based jewelry company Pyrrha on April 4, two days before the series’ hotly anticipated season 4 premiere.

Handcrafted in Pyrrha’s signature style mimicking antique wax seals, Game of Thrones pieces feature symbols (or “sigils,” in GOT parlance) and mottos representing the six warring families on the show: Baratheon, Greyjoy, Lannister, Stark, Targaryen, and Tyrell. The collection is available in a choice of reclaimed sterling silver or bronze, ranging in price from $98 to $900, with necklaces retailing for $226.

“It’s a perfect collaboration,” says Pyrrha cofounder Danielle Wilmore, who was approached by HBO licensing executives at a jewelry trade show. Not only is the old-world aesthetic of her company (named for a mythical Greek character) perfectly in tune with Games of Thrones’ medieval splendor, she and her husband and codesigner, Wade Papin, were already enormous fans of the show. Assured by HBO that they wouldn’t have to “dumb down” their designs or skimp on quality, they set to work.

A selection of Pyrrha’s Game of Thrones talismans

HBO execs experienced a similar aha moment when they spied Pyrrha’s heraldry-inspired talismans. “The characters in the show wear a lot of gorgeous jewelry, and we wanted to create a collection for fans inspired by what they see on air,” says Jeff Peters, the network’s director of business development for global licensing. While Pyrrha’s Game of Thrones jewelry “is not a set of costume replicas,” says Peters, “it does feel like they could have been pulled from within the world of the show.”

With preorders proceeding briskly, Wilmore expects the line (available from to appeal to both sexes, citing Pyrrha’s existing customer base of 75 percent female and 25 percent male. “We’re shipping the product to arrive so that die-hard fans can wear it to their premiere parties,” the designer says. She will be wearing the House of Stark talisman, featuring the head of a direwolf and the motto Winter Is Coming. Last season’s infamous red wedding, which decimated the Stark clan, “broke my heart,” she says with a laugh, “but I have high hopes for the young ones.”