Pyrrha Expands ‘Game of Thrones’ Jewelry Collection in Silver

When Danielle Wilmore and Wade Papin of Pyrrha debuted its Game of Thrones–licensed jewelry collection last year, the vintage feel of the designs was familiar, while the process of turning them out was not.

“This collection is unusual for us in that the designs do not incorporate the authentic wax impressions or imagery used in our signature line,” the duo explained in an email interview. “Instead, we are given the imagery created by the Game of Thrones designers and we put our own spin on it. It’s more restriction than we normally have when we design a line, but for us that makes it a little more challenging and we have a lot of fun doing it.”

Thirty-two new SKUs join 26 original styles, all made in silver. And while HBO has veto power over pieces, the network has yet to strike down any of Pyrrha’s ideas. As for the designs, none address specific plot lines; instead, the pair think in broader terms. “We envision what the families would wear to show their allegiance,” they say.

Their faves this year include the Sigil Talismans and the Shield cuffs. “The Sigils incorporate the iconography from our original Talisman designs, but are smaller and retail for a lower price point than the original full-size Talismans,” say the designers. The shield cuffs, meanwhile, serve as statement pieces for big fans.

And what fictional family earns the artists’ allegiance by way of accessory choice? Papin won’t reveal his preference, though Wilmore’s choice is clear to see in the Stark Talisman and Targaryen Banner necklaces she wears.

Game of Thrones pendant necklace from Pyrrha

House Stark Direwolf Talisman pendant necklace in sterling silver, $158

Game of Thrones ring in silver from Pyrrha

House Targaryen Banner Band ring in sterling silver, $194

Game of Thrones cuff in silver from Pyrrha

House Lannister Shield cuff in sterling silver, $1,196

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