Pushing for Push Presents

Ever heard of a “push present?” If not, check out the recent article in the Philadelphia Inquirer about

the practice of giving gifts to new moms.
Push presents are a great niche for jewelers to investigate, considering the millions of kids born each

year. Plus, a gift of fine jewelry when a child joins a family is a great way to commemorate the

occasion and offer a memorable heirloom to the child when he or she grows up. The Tanzanite Foundation

has been promoting its stone in this way for more than a year.
Sources in the Inquirer article claim push presents are a movement started by moms, not marketers (like

the DTC’s right-hand ring campaign), and these women—birth mothers and adoptive ones—ask for pink or

blue sapphire and diamond stack rings, charms, and more.
Do you sell, or have you received push presents? I have a relative who got a strand of pearls when her

first son was born; I thought the gesture was nice. I got nada when we adopted our fur kids, but maybe

pets don’t count? And my mother-in-law didn’t know about push presents when her kids were born, so she’s

just rectifying her situation now—pushing for belated push presents.

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