Collection Obsession: Puppy and Kitty Rings by Anabela Chan

Here I go with the animal jewelry again! This collection is decidedly less wild than—but just as cute as—a recent prickly Britt’s Pick, but pet lovers the world over will adore it just the same.

From British designer Anabela Chan, these Puppy and Kitty rings make a wonderful gift or self-purchase for anyone who has a little furball at home. Featuring a super-slim profile that would fit well within any stack (not that they need to be paired with anything), each ring bears the silhouette of a dog or cat’s head.

The canine versions are inspired by breeds like Frenchies, bulldogs, terriers, and labs. The cats? Well, let’s face it, most cat’s heads are sort of the same anyway.

Anabela Chan Frenchie ring

Frenchie ring in 14k white gold with 0.3 ct. t.w. pink sapphires, 0.1 ct. t.w. blue sapphires, and 0.3 ct. t.w. diamonds, £1,360 ($1,923)

I liken the line’s collectibility factor with those little family stickers you see on the back of minivans sometimes (but way cooler and epically chicer by comparison—don’t misunderstand!): For each dog you have, a ring should be added to your personal collection, and the same goes for the felines. Have both? Mix those up, too, because even if the real-life things fight like, well, cats and dogs, their jewelry versions get along splendidly.

Anabela Chan Mini Kitty rings

Mini Kitty rings in 18k yellow, white, and rose gold with diamonds, £810

Anabela Chan Puppy ring

Puppy ring in 14k yellow gold with 0.2 ct. t.w. diamonds, £1,020

The Puppy collection isn’t solely cute, it serves a rather good purpose: 25 percent of its sales go toward the Wild at Heart Foundation, a British nonprofit that supports animal welfare projects around the world. The organization’s main mission, according to its website, is to reduce the world’s stray dog population by organizing rescue projects, neutering programs, and education initiatives. So what else is there to think about? Get something cute, do some good—win, win.

Anabela Chan Terrier ring

Terrier ring in 14k white gold with 0.2 ct. t.w. pink sapphires and 0.11 ct. t.w. black diamonds, £960

Styles of both Puppy and Kitty are available in 14k yellow or white gold and feature natural white and black diamonds, as well as pink and blue sapphires. They look super cute on the hand, too. Just as your furry friend at home peeks up at you with those hypnotizing eyes, the rings pop up over the finger with that same stare (it’s much less creepy than I am making it sound).

I’m not even a dog owner (I do have two cats), and I’m considering that Frenchie ring (perhaps as a stand-in, of sorts). It’s irresistibly adorable.

Anabela Chan Kitty rings group

Kitty rings in 18k white, yellow, and rose gold with 0.15 ct. t.w. sapphires, rubies, or diamonds, £790


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