‘Power of Pearl’ Movie Seeking Producers, Donations to Finish

What began as an educational series for the Cultured Pearl Association of America has evolved into a bigger documentary on pearl farming itself. The Journey of the Pearl featured five different pearl-growing regions and inspired videographers Taylor Higgins and Ahbra Perry of On the Reel Productions in Austin, Texas, to keep conducting interviews and filming pearl-farm footage in order to produce a thorough documentary entitled Power of Pearl on “an undeniable journey that has overtaken our lives for many years,” explains Higgins. 

To complete the film, which will ultimately air via film festival tour or through Netflix, iTunes, or Hulu, On the Reel needs a cash influx of $80,000 in order to finish editing, sound, and color to make a 2016 premier. “The film has been building momentum and gathering attention while we have been hard at work setting up the documentary to receive as much exposure as possible upon completion,” continues Higgins. Alternatively, you may donate airline miles to help the crew reach a final filming destination. For more information, contact Higgins by email at otreel@otreel.com or see the film’s sponsorship page.